From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin

A college is not a collection of beautiful buildings. It is not a course catalogue.

A college is the sum of its commitments.

With this ambitious campaign, we will raise $500 million to keep three core promises to our students and their families—each of which will ensure that a Bowdoin education is ever-evolving, yet constant at its core, far into the future.

  • The first is a promise coming in—if you earn a spot at Bowdoin, we will find a way for you to attend regardless of your family’s financial situation, and you will be able to experience the essential elements of a Bowdoin education.

  • Our second promise is that a Bowdoin education will remain transformational, dynamic, and personal, as it has over the life of the College.

  • Third is a promise to our students as they leave—that we will provide the skills, programming, resources, and opportunity to find that first great job, and build a life of meaning.


Where we go from here

We're excited to share what we love, and strengthen what we stand for—this is From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin.

This campaign will also allow us to keep a promise to our alumni—that Bowdoin will remain one of America's most exceptional colleges, far into the future.

Make your campaign gift

More than half of our total goal is dedicated to financial aid and access.

This will take all of us, working together »


“This is the profound value of mentorship, friendship, and leadership.”

The inspiration for Kary Antholis ’84 to start the Captain Andrew Haldane ’41 Scholarship Fund came not during a campus visit, or an alumni meet-up, but at work—overseeing HBO's World War II miniseries The Pacific.

Captain Andrew Haldane
Kary Antholis '84